About Us

The Arab Regional Center for Agricultural, Developmental Studies, and Consultancies (ARCADASC) was founded by Dr. Yahia Bakour in late 2001 in coordination and cooperation with the first experts in the field of modern agricultural development in the Arab world. It provides its distinguished services in all fields related to agriculture, irrigation, rural development and food industries. Economic sectors (private, public, joint). It is considered the first of its kind in terms of the diversity of its research and studies, and with the work of agricultural experts from various disciplines, schools and nationalities.

The institution has its headquarters centralized in Damascus, and it works to open its branches in the countries of agricultural weight, in addition to liaison offices in other Arab countries, thus covering its services, studies and national, regional and national researches all over the Arab world.

The Center offers its research, studies and consulting according to the latest scientific methods, and depends on the best ways to provide the beneficiaries, through the excellent qualifications of the experts working in the Center and its collaborators, where they have full knowledge of all components of research, and the use of advanced technologies at work.

The Center relies on scientific methods and procedures, which are summarized as follows:

  1. The Center's management shall form a specialized and integrated team of experts to carry out the required studies and Consultancies.
  2. The relevant experts shall determine the objectives and objectives of the study required based on the aspirations and wishes of the beneficiary and in consultation with them. They will then proceed to prepare the general framework for the study or technical Consultancies.
  • The Expert Group shall, based on the above, prepare the draft general framework for the study, consultation or tasks required and submit it to the Center's management.
  1. The Center's management shall scrutinize the general framework and discuss it with the requesting party in accordance with the principles adopted by the Board of Trustees which take into consideration:

- The general and specific objectives of the project/research.

- The qualifications of all experts who will be assigned to work on the project.

- Deadlines and suggested timelines to accomplish the required work

- Nomination of experts with a history of theoretical and practical experience, and those who have made a successful contributions to similar work.

- Choose the correct procedures regarding supervision and auditing during the preparation of the study.

  1. Identification and authentication of data sources with emphasis on field surveys on project sites.
  2. Hold workshops attended by specialists from all sectors to discuss draft studies and take positive suggestions that may enrich the study.
  • Discuss the study with the owner of the project or research and the adoption of final versions.
  • Print the study and its annexes required and officially submitted to the beneficiary.

The Center shall finance its activities and activities. It shall also accept, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, donations and donations from Arab and international organizations and development institutions, and may specify the area of use of the grant or grant to be submitted.

Organizational Structure:

Every element in the organizational structure of ARCADSAC contributes to the achievement of its tasks, and each of its levels has specific tasks that ensure its contribution to the continuous development of the Center as shown below:

  • Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees consists of 5-7 members with distinguished scientific reputations and management experience in Arab countries, selected from among the qualified candidates according to the rules laid down in the Center's bylaws.

                           Duties and powers of the Board of Trustees:

  • Adopting the rules of procedure prepared by the General Directorate of the Center.
  • Supervision of the activities carried out by the Center.
  • Approve the acceptance of grants and grants provided by Arab and international organizations and other bodies
  • To view the detailed framework of studies, research and surveys and its adoption and discussion after completion by experts
  • Making the necessary decisions in all matters presented by the public administration.

Meetings of the Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees shall meet at the invitation of its Chairman periodically from its Chairman every six months and shall meet exceptionally when discussing the studies. Its decisions shall be valid with the approval of half of its members.

  • General Center Administration:

The general administration consists of a general manager, an administrative and technical staff, full-time experts and cooperating experts of various specialties who are dedicated to the tasks assigned to them.

General Manager: The founder of the center is the general manager and chairman of the board of trustees. He is responsible to the parties with whom the center cooperates. He also executes the decisions of the board of trustees and supervises all the work related to the work of the center from research, studies and surveys.

              Technical staff: The technical staff consists of full-time experts and highly skilled collaborators.

 The full-time experts will perform the following tasks:

- Preparation of draft general frameworks for studies and research

- Preparation of books of technical and financial conditions.

-  Provide consultation in coordination with the Board of Trustees and part-time experts.

- Supervising the completion of field and office work.

-  Reviewing draft studies with experts before submitting them to the Board of Trustees.

- Issuing technical publications in coordination with part-time experts

-  Preparation of workshops and seminars and scientific meetings and supervision of their implementation.

- Collaborating experts:

The Center cooperates with a large number of Arab experts in all disciplines related to agricultural production (both vegetable and animal), irrigation and food industries, feasibility studies and others. Each of these experts is fully engaged to work in the center when conducting studies and research who are they.

 They perform the following tasks:

  • Participation in workshops to discuss the general framework of the study or project.
  • Participation and each according to his specialization in the scientific and technical Consultancies provided by the Center.
  • Participate in the discussion of the results of studies and scientific Consultancies.
  • Submitting proposals to help develop work.
  • Those wishing to join the Center as experts may fill out the following form.

 Administrative body: It consists of the financial and administrative elements that carry out the work of accounting, public relations and the Secretariat of archiving correspondence and printing and insurance data and references needed by studies