We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Arab Regional Center for Agricultural and Development Studies and Consultancies (ARCADSAC). It will serve as the center of expertise for various agricultural and developmental activities at both the regional and national levels.

This center was established by Professor Yahia Bakour in 2001 after consultation with interested parties in order to mobilize the efforts of the top Arab & foreign experts to compensate for the acute shortage of experts working in the development sectors, especially the Agricultural & Water sector. The center’s services will cover the needs of the food industries and developmental institutions. Our institution has created advanced procedures regarding the identifying of investment areas and preparing preliminary and detailed studies. We oversee the completion of all projects and follow up for maintenance and quality checks.

The Center operates using creative and modern techniques. Investment fields are determined by a Board of Trustees, which includes experts who have contributed to the most successful national, regional and national projects. The studies are carried out by highly specialized personnel who have proved themselves many times.

At A Glance

Services Offered:

  • Assistance

    Assistance in the preparation of books of financial and technical conditions

  • Development

    Develop detailed frameworks for the study or project

  • Inspection

    To facilitate the inspection entities (including the project owner) to disclose all errors and irregularities committed during implementation

  • And Much More

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Some Available Work & Research Opportunities:

Carry Out Research, Technical, Economic and Social Studies

This research aims at studying the problems, and technical obstacles faced by residents of the studied area, investment projects and institutions within their scope

Development Of Agricultural Enterprises

Determining the capacities of different production elements, their contribution to the development process, and identifying alternatives to benefit from them and the economic value of each alternative.

Preparing economic feasibility studies for projects.

The Center implements technical and economic feasibility studies for the various agricultural, industrial, commercial and service projects according to the latest technical and economical methods.