Services Offered

The Center offers its services to all parties wishing to benefit from these services, according to the following conditions and conditions:

A - Assistance in the preparation of books of financial and technical conditions:

The books of conditions for the published studies shall be established and the mechanism for their completion shall be determined in accordance with the scientific standards in force. The Center shall ensure that the books of conditions are comprehensive, detailed and clear to achieve the following objectives:

  1.  To put the study body in the correct tracks to complete all the material work required for study or research
  2.  To facilitate the inspection entities (including the project owner) to disclose all errors and irregularities committed during implementation.
  3. To exclude all possible difficulties and, if they occur, to provide the responsible parties with the possibility of making the right decisions
  4. Develop detailed frameworks for the study or project:

B -In developing detailed study and research frameworks, the Center is keen on achieving the following objectives:

  • Check all general and partial objectives of the study.
  • Provide as much data as possible to help the researcher to develop the correct and logical formulation of the study.
  • Focus on important things that are likely to play a key role in the life of the project.
  • The comprehensive coverage of all components of the study and not to overlook any paragraph, regardless of their contribution to the performance of the project.
  • Determine physical programs to accomplish each of the components of the study according to a comprehensive network plan and appropriate.

Studies related to the Center's activities:

The completion of studies is summarized as follows:

  • The completion of study components, including structural, mechanical and laboratory analysis, due to the availability of experts and collaborators from the Center in all specialties.
  • Complete a specific aspect of the study or research if the entrepreneur so desires.
  • Completion of the project study and supervision of its implementation in practice

D- Auditing different studies

The Center shall inspect its various technical and administrative bodies for the studies and researches prepared by the cooperating bodies or prepared by other bodies for the purposes and objectives set for them and according to their respective scientific standards and according to the internationally approved quality standards.

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